The basic idea of the piece of work is the installation of an object interacting with the room it is situated in:

The real_cinema 2000

A square box is placed in a strongly frequented place, preferably in Nuremberg’s main shopping street, the Breite Gasse or in the city’s main market square, the Hauptmarkt, right in the middle of the masses of people.

Inside the box there is a room that can be entered by the passers-by. Once inside, one gets the impression of being in a movie theater with seats placed opposite a "screen” at the other end of the box (see sketches) – a square opening made of glass giving the visitors, who have now become movie-goers, a view of the masses of people streaming by and of their environment.

Thus, reality, of which the movie-goers were part of shortly before, has become a reflection of reality, an illusion which is taken in by the viewers as if it were a film.

However, it is not only possible to observe the street from inside the box, but also to look inside at the so-called movie-goers, thus creating a curious situation in which both parties can observe each other and in which – through their various reactions - the "movie-goers" and the "actors” outside enter into a relationship of interaction reducing the apparent action of observing each other to absurdity and putting the people into such a kind of environment where their normal fixed patterns of behavior can no longer be defined properly.

This quality of interaction can be experienced during the entire duration of the exhibition so that the person observing the object installation from the outside again takes on the role of the passer-by x, the actor, and the person observing the pictures from inside the box again takes on the role of the movie-goer. Thus, a picture documentation is created within a fixed period of time reflecting and capturing Nuremberg and its inhabitants shortly after the turn of the century.

That in turn will be broadcasted in the internet in the form of a live program in which passers-by and their reactions will be documented partly photographically and partly cinematically and worked out in the form of flyers and booklets. The flyers and booklets are distributed during the campaign with a map of the exact location of the real_cinema (it can change its locations now and then) attached to it.